About MORE Creative.


Created from the idea that no idea is too little and no dream too big, we wanted to help the men and women who provide services that keep things going. Small businesses are the back-bone of our communities and we want to help to reach your goals and full potential. Collaboration produces the best results. To ensure the highest level of design, we keep our studio independent and focused. Every project is met with the creative vision and strategic thinking of all the firm’s principals—as well as the diverse abilities, talents, and backgrounds of our entire team.


Our Process.


When clients need branding, a website or a social media strategy, it requires a clean design process. A client who understands the basics of this process will appreciate what happens at each step.


The Brief.

Client briefs us of what they want and need. Project timelines are being set as well.

The Research.

Our team gathers all relevant materials for the project.

The Ideation.

After we gather all the facts, we do brainstorm to find the big idea. This step is very important with testing and multiple iterations to find the best solution.

The Production.

Execution of the approved idea.


Time to party and celebrate!